Summer Health Fee

If you’re going to be in Madison for all or part of the summer, consider taking advantage of University Health Services’ Summer Health Fee option. UHS is open during our regular hours throughout the summer, and all the usual health services are available, including medical care, and mental health counseling.

What is the Summer Health Fee?

The Summer Health Fee is $84 and provides access to UHS services between May 22 and August 31, 2016.

Any student who was enrolled during the Spring 2016 semester is eligible to pay the Summer Health Fee.

When and How Do I Pay?

You must pay before your first summer appointment occurs. You can pay:

  • Online; or
  • In person at the cashier at 333 East Campus Mall, Room 8501, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm; cash, checks with ID, and credit cards accepted.


Do You Have an Appointment Today?

It takes 24 hours to process your purchase. If you are purchasing the summer health fee on the same day as your scheduled appointment, you can:

  • Pay online and bring your email receipt of payment to the appointment;
  • Come to the cashier (333 East Campus Mall, Room 8501, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to pay your fee in person before the appointment.

Graduating Seniors

Graduating seniors are eligible to use UHS until May 21, 2016, and are then eligible for the Summer Health Fee.

Students Enrolled in Summer Classes

If you are enrolled in classes for any summer session at UW–Madison, you do not have to pay the Summer Health Fee. Summer students pay summer tuition and segregated fees, which makes them eligible to use UHS.

SHIP Members

If you are currently enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), your Summer Health Fee is included in your health insurance and you can continue using UHS throughout the summer. You do not need to pay the Summer Health Fee.

Using Massage Therapy Only

Students may continue to purchase massage therapy appointments throughout the summer without paying the Summer Health Fee.

Guest Students

Guest students do not pay segregated fees during the academic year, so unfortunately they are not eligible to use UHS and are not eligible for the Summer Health Fee.

Fall Semester Eligibility

All students who have enrolled for the Fall 2016 semester are eligible to use UHS services as of August 15, 2016.