Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources

Note: The Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources closed on March 31, 2015.

The Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources informs and inspires people to use the power of their voices to mobilize change for healthier communities.

It does this by focusing on training and modeling effective communication strategies and providing tools for policy, systems, and environmental change.

The Clearinghouse is guided by the Wisconsin Idea that the boundaries of campus extend to the boundaries of the state and beyond and works throughout the state to ensure not just a healthier student population, but a healthier Wisconsin.

Clearinghouse Projects:

Prevention Speaks highlights stories of success in prevention to motivate change.

Health in Practice provides tools Wisconsin needs to inspire policy change for obesity prevention.


The work of the Clearinghouse is supported by grants and other resources and is not funded by student segregated fees. Major support from the Clearinghouse comes from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.