Services for Faculty and Staff

University Health Services (UHS) has a range of services to assist UW faculty, instructional staff, advisors, student services staff, and others in their work with students, and to help support a healthy campus environment overall. Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you: 608-265-5600.

Referring Students to UHS

All registered undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are eligible to use all UHS medical, mental health counseling, and prevention services. For most services, there is no charge. An appointment is required for most services. Students should call 608-265-5600 for all services. Hours and location »

We also have advice on our website about stress management, alcohol risk reduction, handling grief, healthy eating and eating disorders, self-care for influenza, suicide prevention, and other topics. Feel free to direct your students to our pages.

Excuse Policy

UHS does not provide excuses for short-term absences from class or missed deadlines due to acute illness or mental health appointment. This long-standing policy helps us direct our finite resources toward patient care and reflects our respect for students’ privacy. We strongly encourage students to communicate promptly with their instructors if illness interferes with their academic work and to determine what their responsibilities are under those circumstances. Read more »

24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Services

If you are ever concerned about a student who seems particularly depressed or distressed, please feel free to call us during business hours for a consultation. We also have mental health crisis intervention services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for students and for people concerned about students’ mental health: 608-265-5600 (select option 9). Read more »

Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking

If you are concerned about how to help a student who has disclosed a violent experience or would like to learn more about ending this type of violence on campus, visit EVOC.

Consultative and Liaison Services

UHS Counseling and Consultation Services provides consultative services on a wide range of issues for academic departments and non-academic divisions across campus.
Read more »

Teaching and Learning

Many UHS staff teach for-credit classes in areas of health promotion and critical thinking around health topics, as well as diversity and social justice, which are necessary elements of a truly healthy environment.

UHS staff are also invited to other courses around campus as guest instructors on a variety of topics. We receive scores of requests for assistance with class projects from students around campus every semester and help with as many as we can. Instructors and students looking for a UHS expert can contact the communications manager for assistance.

The Academic Partnerships team promotes a healthy learning environment on campus by:

  • Connecting key health and community development issues to the academic work of the university through place-based learning, service learning, cultural tours, and community-based research.
  • Partnering with faculty development initiatives on campus to identify and promote educational practices that foster student learning, health and well-being.
  • Linking students and instructors with the people, places, and cultural assets of South Madison to learn while contributing to the revitalization of the Park Street corridor [pdf], the gateway to campus.

Occupational Medicine

UHS provides pre-exposure and health care services to employees engaged in the research enterprise.
» UW Occupational Health Program Requisition Form for Pre-Exposure Services [pdf]

Employee Flu Shots

UHS coordinates the employee flu shot program offered in the fall semester. UW employees are notified by email when the clinics have been scheduled at locations around campus. Read more »

Environmental Health Program

Investigates reports of environmental concerns, such as classroom and laboratory air quality and mold in campus buildings; issues required Food Stand Permits and food safety guidelines to registered student organizations operating temporary food stands in campus locations; performs biohazard containment testing and maintenance in research facilities.
Mon to Fri >> 8 am to 4:30 pm | 608-262-1809

Please note: For safety concerns including chemical, radiation, biological, and fire safety, contact FP&M’s Environment, Health and Safety Department.

Public Health Role

The executive director of UHS is the chief medical officer and public health officer for the campus. In the event of a disease outbreak or health threat on campus, UHS coordinates action steps with the appropriate public health authorities, including the Wisconsin Division of Public Health and Public Health Madison Dane County, and communicates to the affected segments of the campus community about risks and precautions.

The Campus Health Issues Planning (CHIPs) committee was established in 2006 to prepare for a major infectious disease outbreak, such as pandemic influenza. It is co-led by University Health Services and the UW Police Department, situating it within both the campus's public health and emergency preparedness infrastructures. In spring and fall 2009, the committee activated its plan in response to pandemic H1N1 influenza.

The committee also has permanent representation from the Office of the Chancellor, University Housing, the Division of Student Life, the Office of Human Resources and Development, the Division of Enrollment Management, the Environment, Health, and Safety Department, University Communications, and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, and seeks input and expertise from other campus departments as needed.