In a Crisis…You Can Help

University Health Services (UHS) is one of the oldest student health services in the country. Founded in 1910 in the wake of a typhoid outbreak, UHS has been protecting and promoting student health on campus for 100 years.

Thanks to our funding from segregated fees, UHS provides a range of medical and mental health counseling services that are most needed by university students. We care for illnesses and injuries, operate clinics for women’s health, dermatology, sexually transmitted diseases, and sports medicine, offer individual and group counseling, and run 24-hour mental health crisis services 365 days a year. Through our prevention services, we address campus-wide issues such as combating high-risk drinking, ending sexual assault and promoting fitness and healthy eating.

But students sometimes have accidents and emergencies that require more resources than we can provide. MRI scans. Expensive prescriptions. After-hours care. Specialists. Hospitalization.

When students can’t afford the care they need, they may struggle academically and personally due to pain, disability or emotional distress. They may have to make the choice between paying for school and paying for needed medical care, and some will withdraw for financial or health reasons.

A gift to University Health Services will help students receive the extra care they need and support prevention programs. Thank you for your kind support!