Environmental Health

Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)

Mon to Fri » 8 am to 4:30 pm


333 East Campus Mall

Phone and Fax

P: 608-890-1992
Fax: 608-265-0569

The Environmental Health (EH) Program applies prevention tools, such as inspections, engineering and risk assessments, and corrective actions to control environmental factors which affect health by ensuring healthy food, recreational, and residential facilities as well as safe classroom and research facilities.

Most services are provided free to students, though a small fee is charged for Temporary Food Stand permits. Research and clinical departments are charged for biohazard containment testing and maintenance services.

Food Safety

Monitor food protection and food-borne illness prevention practices at campus food-service facilities; assist food service management investigating complaints and suspected food-borne illnesses; provide food protection and sanitation training to student and staff employees; inspect campus vending machines; conduct bacteriological testing of softserve ice cream and dairy products.

Exposure Assessment and Indoor Air Quality

Assess the air quality of classrooms, laboratories and other campus buildings; collect and analyze mold spore samples; conduct air monitoring to evaluate chemical exposure health risks; evaluate ventilation system design and performance.

Water Quality

Monitor campus water quality; investigate drinking water complaints and conduct water analyses; monitor campus swimming beaches and pools; evaluate campus storm water runoff in Lake Mendota

Biological Safety

Biosafety Cabinet Recertification and consultation is now provided by the EHS Engineering and Technical Services unit of EHS and is located at 30 East Campus Mall.