Temporary Food Stand Application

Note: This application must be submitted electronically, a minimum of (2) weeks prior to the event for review and approval. A separate application must be filled out for each permit/event.


Students must be currently registered with the Center of Leadership and Involvement. Please visit the Center for Leadership and Involvement website and verify that your student organization's registration is current.

Name of Organization:
Event Date:

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Contact Information:
Phone Number:
Hours of Operation (Note: A contact person listed will need to be present during the times you list for inspection purposes)
Set-up Start Time:
Serving Begins Time:
Event End Time:
Location: Indoor -Visit the Physical Plant page for information. (After logging in, go to "Buildings" tab). Outdoor- Visit the Union Meetings page for information
Event Location on Campus (e.g., Memorial Union):

Has your location been pre-approved by the building manager (indoor) or campus event services (outdoor)?

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*Please note that if your location has not been pre-approved by the building manager (indoor) or central reservations (outdoor), the food permit is not valid and you do not have the right to sell food at that location until it's been approved.

Will you be:

Giving Away Food     Selling Food/Collecting Donations

Food: Food must be obtained from The Wisconsin Union, University Housing or an approved licensed food vendor. A listing of approved vendors can be found at the Office of Risk Management website.

Home-prepared foods cannot be sold or given away to the general public.

In addition, temporary food stands that involve cooking or grilling are required to have "Special Events Insurance." Information about this insurance is available from the Office of Risk Management, 21 N. Park Street Suite 6101, (608) 262-8926, or at the Risk Management website. Cooking and Grilling events are limited to commercially preformed hamburger patties and commercially pre-cooked meats.

Approved Vendor name and address:

List all food products provided at stand (include everything, even drinks, condiments and side dishes):

No bare hand contact and no customer self serve is allowed for ready-to-eat foods. How will volunteers/employees handle ready-to-eat food (e.g., gloves, napkins, utensils)?

How many people do you expect to attend your event?    

Will any of these food products be cooked or prepared on site?:

Yes     No

If NO will the food be delivered or picked up? List the time food will be picked up or delivered?    

Any Additional Information

 By checking this box I am verifying that I have read over the Temporary Food Stands Safety Sheet. Any questions or concerns I may have need to be addressed to an Environmental Health Specialist at 608-890-1992, otherwise it is assumed I understand the Safety Sheet and Policies and will follow them. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
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