Temporary Food Stand Permit

Want to sell pizza or bagels as a fundraiser?

A temporary food stand permit is required to receive donations for, or for the sale of foods or beverages to the general campus community. Temporary food stands can take place in the lobby areas of UW-Madison buildings and on university grounds. Registered student organizations are qualified to obtain temporary food stand permits.

There are three key elements that are part of any request for a temporary food stand: In order to have your event take place you must be approved by Building Manager or Campus Events Services for Location, Risk Management for vendor and insurance, and Environmental Health for a permit. When you apply for your permit an e-mail will be automatically sent to Risk Management and Environmental Health.

1) Location

A request for an indoor location must be submitted and approved by the appropriate building manager. Go to the link below to find building managers contact information. https://physicalplant.wisc.edu (after logging in, go to "Buildings" tab).

A request for an outdoor location must be submitted to and approved by the University of Wisconsin Campus Event Services (262-2511) http://www.union.wisc.edu/meetings/.

2) Vendor

Food must be obtained from the Wisconsin Union, University Housing or an approved licensed vendor, a list of approved vendors can be found at the Office of Risk Management website.

Home-prepared foods cannot be sold or given away to the general public.

In addition, temporary food stands that involve cooking or grilling are required to have “Special Events Insurance.” Information about this insurance is available from the Office of Risk Management, 21 N. Park Street Suite 6101, (608) 262-8926, or at the Risk Management website.

3) Permit

A temporary food stand (TFS) permit must be applied for online by submitting an application at least two weeks prior to the event.

Notification of permit approval will be given by email from Environmental Health. The permit can then be picked up at UHS, 333 East Campus Mall, 8th floor cashier's desk, room 8501 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

The cost is $5.00 for each permit/stand. Permits are issued for a specific: building or UW-Madison grounds location, vendor, food and time. Each stand must have its own permit. Any changes must be pre-approved through Environmental Health.

Ready-to-eat foods
Registered Student Organizations are allowed five (5) permits per semester to sell ready-to-eat foods (foods that do not require further cooking at the food stand; such as bagels, pre-baked pizza, doughnuts, canned/bottled soda and juices, bags of chips, candy bars, and whole fruit).

Cooking on site
Registered Student Organizations are allowed three (3) permits per year for the sale or free distribution of food items cooked on-site (such as grilling brats and burgers, or frying pancakes and eggs).

Grilled meats are limited to commercially pre-formed hamburger patties, steaks and commercially pre-cooked meats (such as commercially pre-cooked brats, sausages and chicken breasts). All hamburgers must be cooked to at least 155°F throughout to prevent E. coli infections. To minimize the risk of Salmonella infections, pasteurized eggs must be used for all egg or egg-containing items cooked on-site, and grilling raw chicken is not allowed.

A food thermometer and a handwash station are required at all on-site cooking events. Food thermometers are available for loan with a check deposit and hand-wash station kits are available for purchase when picking up your permit.

Giving away food
You do not need a permit to give away free ready-to-eat, pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous food items (foods that are not required to be kept hot or cold for safety) associated with special events or promotions. Please notify Environmental Health to verify your food items fall under this category foodstand@uhs.wisc.edu. Please note: receipt of donations is considered a food sale and home prepared foods are not allowed.

Off campus
To sell food items on non-university property — including State Street Mall and city sidewalks on campus — a food stand permit needs to be obtained from the department of Public Health - Madison and Dane County 608-243-0330 and Madison City Clerks Office 608-266-4601.