"I'm so stressed out"

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28% of UW-Madison students say stress
contributes to lower grades

Stressed Out?

College students are no strangers to stress. Whether it’s flipping through a notebook to cram last-minute facts just before an exam or getting to your discussion and realizing you didn’t do the assignment, stress is a familiar feeling. You encounter a lot of stressful situations throughout your college experience.

Some of this stress can be positive, motivating you to do your best, but when you don’t have time to recharge, stress becomes negative. It affects your mood, body, behavior, and learning ability. Chronic stress can significantly affect your health. Recognizing signs of stress can help you stay on top of your stressors and stay healthy.

What is stress?

Get the lowdown on stress. What it is, positive vs. negative, and what happens over time.

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Signs of stress

We feel stress for many reasons and everybody responds to stress differently.

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Manage your stress

Find how to identify your stressors and stress less. Plus, learn some great tips on how to pass exams without wearing yourself out.

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Relaxation exercises

Try some of these easy audio guided relaxation techniques to help you focus, regain energy, and reduce stress.

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Difficult times

Suggestions to help you through those difficult periods in your life.

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