Relaxation Exercises

Try some of these easy guided relaxation techniques to help you focus, regain energy, and reduce stress. There are variations in background music and in the type of relaxation exercise — experiment with a few to see what feels right for you. Rob Sepich, a counselor at UHS, has been using these exercises with students for years.

The Sleep Technique recording might be useful to people who have a hard time getting to sleep. The suggested combination of body movement and breathing might work better than counting sheep.

Try downloading some of these files and play them between classes to help you clear your mind. (Place your cursor over the file, right click, and select “Save Target As...”)

Breath Awareness
Gain balance by calming your breath, slowing down, and letting go.

Peaceful Focus
Deflect worries and random thoughts by gently noticing your breath.

Brief Muscle Relaxation
Use this short version of muscle relaxation to drain away stress and tension.

Autogenic Relaxation
Imagine warmth and heaviness to calm your mind and relax your body.

Muscle Relaxation
Drain stress and tension away, slowly and systematically.

Sleep Technique
Count your breaths and adjust your body to reduce worries and bring sleep naturally.