Occupational Medicine Services

Pre-Exposure Services

UHS provides routine “pre-exposure” services to protect students and employees before an exposure, illness, or injury. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Vaccinations and Tb Skin Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Review of Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire
  • Physical Exams required by regulation
  • Fit Testing for N95 respirators

UHS can in many cases come to your facility to update annual requirements for your department such as TB skin testing. If you or your department have other needs, please contact UHS directly.

Payment for pre-exposure services is the responsibility of the sponsoring department.

To schedule a “pre-exposure” service:

  • Complete an occupational medicine requisition [pdf] including the funding string.
  • If fit testing for N95 respirators, complete a Fit Test Questionaire and fax to the Occupational Health nurse prior to your scheduled fit test (608-890-2203). Please attach the requisition form from your supervisor when submitting this form.
  • Contact UHS at 608-265-5610 to schedule an appointment.

After an Exposure

UHS will coordinate medical care for infectious exposures including:

  • Medical care for infectious exposures including:
    • Non-human primates
    • Needle-stick injuries unrelated to patient care
  • Case coordination

If an exposure occurs:

Injuries occurring after hours should be managed by your healthcare provider or the emergency room. UHS is unable to care for injuries such as severe cuts or chemical splashes In some cases, patients will be referred from UHS to a higher level of care such as a specialist or to the emergency room. In these cases, UHS is not responsible for payment of any charges incurred.

UHS occupational medicine staff members are available to assist employees after an exposure or injury. If you have been seen by an outside provider and need assistance in connecting to a specialized occupational medicine provider or with other aspects of your care please contact us.

Contact Information

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Occupational Health Officer

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