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Animal Contact

EOH and Occupational Medicine offer specific pre- and post-exposure services for faculty, staff, students and affiliates who have contact with animals in research and academics.  Campus policies regarding animal research are available here.

Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire

Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire (ACRQ) is an onboarding and annual requirement for employees regularly working with animals.

  • Complete one-time Occupational Medicine Privacy and Consent Form and Authorization for Release of Occupational Health Records Form in MyUHSRead the instructions (pdf).
  • Complete the baseline or annual ACRQ.
  • UHS will send a message to the employee and employer when questionnaire review is complete and contact if follow-up is necessary.

Service Personnel Limited Animal Area Access Form

Service Personnel Limited Animal Area Access Form (SPLAAAF) training is for employees who do not regularly work with animals.


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EOH provides hazard assessment and personal protective equipment support.

Occupational Medicine offers clinical laboratory tests, immunizations and medical clearances (animal allergens, rabies, tuberculosis, etc.).

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For more information related to animal allergens, Q-fever, rabies, and other animal contact topics, review the section called Workplace Hazards on the Assessment webpage.