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EOH coordinates compliance for OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection and aligns services for initial and annual respirator user fit testing with Occupational Medicine. Current medical clearance is a prerequisite to a fit test and wearing a respirator.


  • UHS/EOH offers air monitoring, training coordination, hazard assessment and personal protective equipment.
  • Occupational Medicine provides fit testing and medical clearance for employees and art students.
  • Work unit Respiratory Program Administrators (RPA) implement program requirements.


  • Complete one-time and ongoing Occupational Medicine required forms and the “Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire” in MyUHS
  • Follow the instructions (pdf) for form completion support.


  • UHS Occupational Medicine contacts you to schedule an appointment for initial fit testing (approximately 30 minutes).
  • Check your secure MyUHS messages for annual fit test and clearance expiration.



Employees consult your RPA or supervisor for user requirements.

RPAs and supervisors contact EOH for unit-specific required training support.

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