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Flu shots for students and employees are now available!

UHS will offer flu shots to all students and employees. You can significantly reduce your chance of becoming ill by getting vaccinated. A flu shot helps keep the campus community healthy.

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  • Flu shots are no cost for all students. If you have an insurance card, please bring it to your appointment.
  • Everyone should be vaccinated annually. Students and employees with chronic health conditions—such as asthma, diabetes, or immune disorders—are at additional risk. Getting vaccinated helps protect each of us in addition to limiting the spread of influenza.
  • The flu won’t spread as fast in a highly immunized population.
  • Last year, more than 18,000 students were vaccinated against the flu.

VaxPro, a company founded by UW-Madison alumni, will administer the flu shots. VaxPro has provided employee flu shots to UW-Madison faculty and staff in previous years.

You can schedule a date and time for a flu shot online at, where you can also find all the dates, times, and locations of flu shot clinics throughout the fall semester.

Employees should bring their insurance cards. If you do not have proof of insurance, there will be no cost.

Parking is not provided for flu shot appointments. Visit the interactive campus parking map here:

For more information, visit