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How to stay stress-free the week before finals

stressed person sitting between book stacks, tie dye shirt, head in hands

So, Badgers. It’s the last week of classes. As you’re handing in projects and wrapping up lectures, it starts to sink in: finals are next week. Before things get hectic, take this last week to plan some relaxation strategies that will keep you at your best next week.

  1. Make an oasis. After spending hours crouching over your laptop and text books, you’ll need a comfortable place to retreat to. Make your own oasis this week. A place waiting for you to cuddle up into when you need a break. Your oasis can be anywhere or anything. It can be a bench outside, a favorite blanket, a walk in a park or a Group X class at the SERF. Anything that lifts your mood. Also, try out a few deep breathing techniques this week so you have a relaxation game plan ready for when things get tough next week.
  2. Feeling good. To do your best, you’ve got to feel your best. During finals week, studying is a higher priority than heading to the gym or eating three balanced meals, but if you spend the week before finals making healthy choices you can boost your energy and increase your focus for next week, and it may be easier to follow through and keep eating healthy. Plus, if you spend the week before being healthy, you will have a stock of healthy snacks to bring to the library with you.
  3. Be kind to yourself. You’ll be going through a lot next week. Take some “me” time before finals and do something special. Cross a few activities from your bucket list before the semester is over. Celebrate your semester accomplishments and treat yourself to a UHS massage or do something that you’ve been wanting to do. You’ve earned it!

Other tips for finals
• Test yourself and teach others. These are great ways to commit information to memory!
• Do small amounts of work this week so you are not swamped during finals.
• Get things in order for summer this week so you can focus on school next week.
• Plan three top tasks to accomplish each day.
• Reflect on your study habits. Utilize what works best for you!
• Libraries will be packed. Brainstorm a few unique study spots.
• Skip the highlighting. It doesn’t work!

You’ve got a big week ahead of you, but you can do it! With a little planning, you will go into finals week feeling fresh and ready to take on anything. Good luck, Badgers!