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Food Assistance

Badger FARE Program: The Dean of Students Office in collaboration with the Division of Continuing Studies works to connect students who are dealing with temporary and ongoing food insecurity with campus and community resources for long-term support, while providing them with funds that they can immediately use to purchase food on campus.

Badger FARE Program funds will be given to a student once in an academic year in the amount of $75 via their Wiscard.

Contact Kate Dougherty, for details. Students can also connect with:

UHS Care Management: Beth Adamsk
Adult Career and Special Student Services: Autumn Sanchez and Martin Rouse
Transfer Engagement Center (Room 110 of the Middleton Building): Shelby Knuth and Tracy Mores 
Dean of Students Office: Kate Dougherty
Financial Aid: Greg Offerman
Multicultural Student Center: Gabe Javier
LGBT Campus Center: Katherine Charek Briggs
Engineering Student Services: Megan Schreiber and Nancy Hansen

Basic Needs support offers dedicated resources to assist students in gaining access to food, housing, and insurance to promote overall wellness while attending UW-Madison. We have Basic Needs Assistants ready to support in getting students connected to resources including programs such as Foodshare and Badgercare, as well as getting connected to different food pantry’s or other resources.

Students can sign-up for an appointment with one of our Basic Needs Assistants (Jazmine Sales or Micaela Salas) via Starfish in MyUW or by contacting us directly at or 608-262-3060.