Call for Help

Food Assistance

Beyond the costs of tuition and books, day-to-day expenses like food, clothing, and rent can make it challenging for students to make ends meet. The resources and student organizations listed on this page are available at no cost to all students. There is no requirement to prove need or affiliation with the groups below.

Badger Food Assistance Resource for Emergencies (FARE) connects students who are dealing with temporary and/or ongoing food insecurity with campus and community resources for long-term support, while providing them with funds that they can immediately use to purchase food on campus. Badger FARE provides students with a $25 meal card for the Unions and information on long-term resources. There is no application for students to complete and the gift card amount does not need to be repaid. Students struggling to afford food can connect with the following campus personnel to obtain the $25 meal card:

UHS Care Management: Beth Adamsk
Adult Career and Special Student Services: Autumn Sanchez and Martin Rouse
Dean of Students Office: Kate Dougherty
Financial Aid: Greg Offerman
Multicultural Student Center: Gabe Javier
LGBT Campus Center: Katherine Charek Briggs
Engineering Student Services: Megan Schreiber and Nancy Hansen