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Marcy Braun


Senior Dietician, Clinical Services

BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

marcy braun headshot

With her mother, Marcy grew a garden on a small patch of dirt and the transformation was a delight. She loved watching the plants sprout, flower, and fruit. This early exposure cultivated a lifelong interest in gardening, cooking and food.

Those childhood memories held and she entered the UW as a nutrition major. After completing coursework, followed by an internship, Marcy was offered a position at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. She felt energized practicing in a large hospital that offered broad and deep experiences. Years later, she returned to the UW to refresh her career, eventually earning her MS.

Marcy has been with University Health Services since 2000. She enjoys working with young people as they sort out their values, habits and relationship with food. In American culture, big business interests can drive fears of weight gain, rigid thinking about food, and a skewed impression of “healthy” while at the same time tempting us with easy access to foods that conflict with these messages! Marcy counsels students with the goal of guiding them through the noise to help them form a more positive and balanced relationship with food. She also notes that she constantly learns from students, “it’s a collaboration since only the client knows what will be a good fit with their culture, taste preferences, and lifestyle.”