Call for Help

Megan Crass

Credentials: PA-C

Position title: Primary Care Physician Assistant

Megan Crass loves the variety in the primary care practice. Since she has started at UHS in February of 2014, Crass works in care teams that focus on transgender and eating disorder health.

On breaks during the school year, such as summer break, Crass works in informatics to make modifications to the electronic health record, an essential part of the practice, she says. Crass believes it’s extremely important to have an updated electronic health record, since health care is dependent on today’s technology.

“We constantly need to be making improvements to our EHR in order to do better on our efficiency and quality of communication and documentation,” Crass said.

As a UW alum, Crass loves the Madison area, as well as spending time with friends and families, and enjoying the outdoors through camping and hiking.

She believes UHS offers great access to the system for students. Setting up an appointment or a follow-up appointment is super quick, which can make all the difference to students.

“Students are so ready to absorb information. It’s really fun to take that and help to translate it into other parts of their lives, such as health care or navigating the health care system. It’s a really great education point at UHS,” Crass said.