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Learn how to obtain emergency contraception.

The 6th Floor Blue Clinic provides consultations, prescriptions, and insertions and removals of all contraceptive options. Contraception can be used for pregnancy prevention and/or health benefits unrelated to sexual activity such as cancer prevention, acne control, and improvement in menstrual bleeding and cramps. Medications and devices sometimes have a charge that requires insurance or patient assistance programs. All visits are confidential and covered without a fee.

Contraception Options

Birth control pill
Depo-provera shot
Vaginal ring
Intrauterine device (IUD)
Birth control patch
Hormonal implant
Female condom
Fertility awareness method
Emergency Contraception (Paraguard IUD, Plan B, Ella)

For information on contraception methods and options, women’s health blog posts, and birth control reminders, visit Bedsider.