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UW-Madison Data Visualization

TGQN, TGQN students, and TGQN respondents in this report are used interchangeably and denote students who listed their gender identity as one of the following categories:

• Transgender woman
• Transgender man
• Nonbinary/genderqueer
• Gender questioning
• Gender not listed

These values cannot be compared with earlier data due to survey design changes.

Sexual assault – penetration, attempted penetration and/or sexual touching perpetrated by physical force or inability to consent or stop what was happening.
Sexual orientation – non-heterosexual students include students identifying as gay or lesbian, other or multiple categories.
Disability Status – Respondents were asked, “Do you identify as a student with any of the following? Learning disability, ADHD,
Autism Spectrum Disorder, mobility-related disability (e.g., spinal cord injury), sensory disability (e.g., low vision), chronic mental
health condition (e.g., depression), chronic medical condition (e.g., diabetes), or other disability or chronic condition.”
Gender Identity – Respondents were asked, “Which best describes your gender identity? Woman, Man, Trans woman
(male-to-female), Trans man (female-to-male), Nonbinary or genderqueer, Questioning, or Not Listed.”
N/A indicates that these results were not available in the analyses created by Westat. Once the public data file becomes available by the end of 2019, these values can be calculated.