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Alcohol Beverage Service Permits

Alcohol Beverage Service Permits are required for alcohol service at all university events, both on and off campus, with exceptions for certain events as outlined in the UW-Madison-Specific Alcohol Beverage Regulations, Section II: 1-4.

Application process

Process for obtaining an alcohol beverage service permit:

  • Read the campus alcohol policy, section VI.
  • Fill out an online application. See PDF of full application.
  • Applicants, Responsible Employees, and Approving Sponsors must be employees of UW-Madison and email addresses MUST be used when completing the application.
  • Online training is not required before applying for a permit. Applicants are encouraged to read the campus alcohol policy. Responsible Employees and Approving Sponsors are required to read the policy.
  • Submitting an application will trigger automatic approval notices (via email and Teams) to the Responsible Employee(s) and Approving Sponsor and they have 30 days to approve.
    • Note that you are responsible for identifying the correct Approving Sponsor for your campus unit.
    • The email and Teams messages contain application details and an option to approve.
    • If you are both the applicant and Responsible Employee, you must approve your role.

  • Once all Responsible Employees have accepted their roles and the Approving Sponsor has approved the permit, UHS reviews the permit to make sure the application complies with the policy.
    1. If the permit is in compliance with the campus alcohol policy, an automated email will be sent to the applicant and the Approving Sponsor indicating that the permit has been granted.
    2. If the permit is not in compliance with the policy or if any of the information provided requires clarification, UHS will contact the applicant. Any changes that need to be made will require a resubmission of the application.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation that the permit has been approved, please contact to inquire about the status of your application, and check with your Responsible Employee(s) and Approving Sponsor to be sure they have indicated their approval via the email or Teams message.


Tips for a smooth application process

  • Read the campus alcohol policy.
    The permit application contains prompts that help ensure your application complies with the policy.
  • Apply for a permit at least two weeks in advance of your event to allow sufficient time for Responsible Employees, the Approving Sponsor, and UHS staff to review and advance the application, and/or to make necessary changes.
  • Alert Responsible Employees and the Approving Sponsor that approval messages will come via email (sent from “Microsoft Power Automate”) and in Microsoft Teams and they have 30 days to approve. Either pathway can be used to indicate approval.
  • Notify your business services office that the new system only generates a permit approval email (not a downloadable permit as in the prior system).
    This permit approval email message should be considered a valid indication that the Approving Sponsor has approved the permit request.