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Alcohol Use

UW–Madison Statement on alcohol

It is integral to our prevention efforts to send consistent alcohol messages to our campus community. The following message was crafted by university partners to communicate UW–Madison’s values around alcohol abuse prevention:

  • It is our mission at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to provide learning environments where all students can reach their highest potential.
  • Changing the culture around high-risk drinking is a priority. We recognize that everyone plays a role in promoting an environment that supports responsible drinking.
  • We define responsible drinking as legal and low-risk consumption.
  • Our data shows that the majority of students who drink do so at a moderate consumption level; some do not drink at all.
  • Students who choose to consume alcohol are impacted by a number of consequences, ranging from academics, well-being, and UW–Madison student status.
  • As a caring community, we encourage students to be active bystanders and intervene when they witness peers making high-risk choices around alcohol. As we engage in partnerships for positive change we commit to effective evidence-based strategies that promote the well-being and safety of our students.