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Behavioral Health

Mental health struggles can impact your ability to study, sleep, and participate in daily activities. They can also contribute to physical aches and pains.

Behavioral Health (BH) services are available to help students manage and focus on physical symptoms that are impacting them. BH providers are psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals who work with medical providers and patients on the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of health, and determine the best way to address these symptoms.

The difference between BH and counseling is that counseling focuses on the mental and emotional causes of the symptoms. When students experience depression and anxiety, BH can help develop skills for improvement.

BH is available to students who present for medical services and would benefit from brief behavioral interventions to address concerns related to physical health such as somatic concerns where anxiety or depression are factors, sleep, pain, and attention/concentration concerns etc.

Schedule a Behavioral Health appointment

Receive a referral from UHS provider for:

  • Pain management
  • Sleep improvement
  • Focus/attention

Nicotine cessation does not require a referral. Call (608) 265-5600 (option 1) to schedule an appointment.