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Text graphic that says Uwill: Student Mental Health & WellnessUHS Mental Health Services (MHS) is partnering with Uwill to expand access to flexible, no cost, virtual counseling options for students. Licensed mental health professionals are available for video, phone, chat, and message sessions during flexible hours – including nights and weekends. Students can get in quickly to see a counselor, with appointments typically available within 24 hours.

This additional counseling option offers students greater flexibility and allows MHS to expand its service capacity. Uwill is a National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Educational Partner.  

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Please see the information below for the situations in which Uwill is a good option for students. Because Uwill teletherapy may not be appropriate for all presenting concerns, please contact MHS if you have any questions. Our team can help determine if Uwill is a good fit for you. Regardless of enrollment status or where you are physically located, the MHS crisis line is always available at 608-265-5600 option 9. When MHS is open, an on-call counselor is available for in person or telephone support.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is Uwill?

Uwill provides students with access to a therapist of their choice via the mode of their choice – video, phone, chat or messaging. Teletherapy services are available during the day, as well as evenings, weekends, and holidays. Uwill has licensed mental health professionals available in all 50 states and providers in many countries of the world. This service has been successfully used by other counseling centers, including in the Big 10. 

What Uwill services are available to UW-Madison students?

UW-Madison students start with 3 sessions with a Uwill counselor at no cost. Students can: 

  • Choose same day and next day appointments.
  • Choose a therapist based on their preferences including issue, gender, language and race or ethnicity.
  • Choose a time that fits with their schedule with day, night, and weekend availability.
  • Choose the appointment mode that is right for them – video, phone, chat or messaging.
  • Request additional sessions if needed after they use their initial 3 sessions right in the Uwill platform or identify other plans for continuing mental health treatment. 

Who is eligible for Uwill?

This service is offered at no additional cost to UW-Madison students regardless of their location. This includes graduate students who do not pay segregated fees (i.e., those in online-only master’s programs). During the summer, students must be enrolled the previous Winter semester and for the subsequent Fall semester. (The exception is doctoral students who are considered to be continuously enrolled).

Who is Uwill for?

Uwill is most appropriate for students whose concerns are a good fit for brief, solution-focused services. Uwill may be particularly suitable for students whose scheduling needs may not fit with available on-campus services or who are enrolled but living outside of the state.

When is Uwill not a good fit?

Sometimes on-campus or community services are a better fit for students. These include:  

  • Having thoughts of self-harm or thoughts of harming others.
  • Having an ongoing mental health concern.
  • Currently experiencing significant disruption in your tasks of daily living or intense symptoms related to a diagnosed mental health condition.
  • Needing long-term mental health support.  

Please call MHS is you are experiencing any of the above.

How do I get started with Uwill?

To access the Uwill platform, visit From there, register with a University of Wisconsin-Madison email address. You will soon receive an email confirmation to complete the registration process. After confirming your address, you can select a counselor and schedule an appointment.

What else is available through Uwill?

Once a student creates their profile and logs into their account, in addition to virtual counseling, they will have access to wellness programs. These programs are led by Uwill instructors and offers tips, tutorials, and practices to help students discover greater focus, balance, and joy. 


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