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About Badger Recovery:

Badger Recovery provides support and community for students in active recovery. We also welcome allies, family, friends, and students working toward recovery through a risk-reduction approach. We understand recovery can be individually defined and we honor multiple pathways to recovery. We value the diverse experiences of our members and their personal goals. All of our meetings and events are substance free spaces and we ask that all individuals participating in our events are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Students working with Badger Recovery have access to dedicated university staff who will continue to support and advocate for them along their recovery journey.

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Our Services


  • Virtual Peer to Peer Recovery Meetings
  • Connections to Resources and Academic Support
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Social Opportunities
  • 1:1 Recovery Check-ins

Staff & Contact

Samantha Kozlowski

Collegiate Recovery Program Graduate Assistant


Jenny Damask


Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

333 East Campus Mall


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Families and Loved Ones

We join with the Association of Recovery in Higher Education Board in their statement to you:

Dear Families and Loved Ones,
By now, you know that a recovery-friendly support network is crucial in your student’s recovery. Offering the right kind of support to your student can have a tremendous impact on their lives. Finding a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) or Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) on a college campus is a big decision. The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) aims to help change the trajectory of recovery students’ lives and offers resources and information for those looking to be a part of this kind of a support system.

Badger Recovery staff is happy to assist you in learning more about collegiate recovery option and discuss our program. To speak with a staff member email, us at