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Group Counseling Schedule

Read descriptions of Summer 2020 groups and find out who leads each group.

To join a group, schedule an Access Appointment  in MyUHS or contact Mental Health Services at 608-265-5600 (option 2).
During your consultation, let the counselor know that you’re interested in joining a group.

The only groups available right now are the Anxiety and Depression workshop and the Mindfulness Sampler series.

Interpersonal Process Groups

Interpersonal Process Groups are often the treatment of choice for people who experience troubled relationships, loneliness, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, and low self-esteem. These groups offer a safe environment to identify and explore feelings; to give and receive support and feedback; to practice new, healthier ways of relating to others; and to feel less lonely or isolated.

3 – 4:30 pm | Benjamin de Boer, PsyD & Jeff Peterson, LCSW

2:30 – 4:00 pm | Jamie Welch, PhD & Corinne Werner, PsyD

12:30 – 2 pm | Bob Stindt, LCSW & Maha Baalbaki, MS

Psychoeducational Groups & Workshops

Managing Anxiety and Depression Workshop

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Over the course of this 2-session workshop, participants will learn new ways to manage anxiety and depression. In a supportive and interactive online setting, students will gain greater awareness of signs and symptoms, strategies to cope with anxiety and depression, and long-term approaches to self-care.

There will be two sections:
July 1 & July 8
July 15 & July 22

Wednesdays | 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Group Leaders: Beth Adamski, LPC & Corinne Werner, PsyD

*This workshop is considered a non-clinical group. It is, therefore, open to all students regardless of residence out of state.

Mindfulness Sampler

Practice the skills of mindfulness in this four-week workshop series. Increase self-understanding, present moment awareness, and strengthen your capacity to address stressful daily challenges toward a more vital and valued life. Come to any or all of the sessions that repeat through the semester. Groups led by Tamar Kelson, PhD  and Stefanie Denu, PsyD.

Session 1: Mindfulness of Thoughts
Learn to notice thoughts without getting hooked by distressing worry or self-defeating patterns.
Tuesdays, 5/26, 6/30 | 1 – 2:30 pm

Session 2: Mindfulness of Behavior
Increase ability to act intentionally, which can improve motivation, concentration, and reaching goals in activities of daily living.
Tuesdays, 6/9, 7/14 | 1– 2:30 pm

Session 3: Mindfulness of Emotions
Apply mindfulness to cultivate more positive and balanced feelings regarding yourself and the world around you.
Tuesdays, 6/16, 7/21 | 1– 2:30 pm

Session 4: Mindfulness of Body
Focus on the mind/body connection, increasing body awareness to help manage stress and pain as well as improve overall self-care.
Tuesdays, 6/23, 7/28 | 1– 2:30 pm