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Badger Recovery

Badger Recovery is a program for students in or considering recovery from substance use. We understand recovery is individually defined, and we value the diverse experiences of our members and their personal goals. Badger Recovery helps create a community where students can access resources and support through a variety of meetings, events, and services.


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To provide a welcoming and inclusive collegiate recovery community that offers resources, connection opportunities, and support for students.


To cultivate a campus environment where students in recovery can thrive.

Diversity and inclusion

We embrace individuals from all backgrounds and identities while seeking to create an inclusive environment. We understand diverse experiences and identities can have a significant impact on complex issues such as recovery. Valuing diversity in its many forms promotes growth within Badger Recovery.

We recognize that even though we strive for inclusivity, we may fall short. Therefore, we are committed to having difficult conversations, promoting restorative justice practices, and rebuilding trust in our community. Only through embracing our varied identities will we have the greatest impact on our members.

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Services and events


  • Hybrid peer-to-peer all-recovery meetings
  • Hybrid peer-to-peer friends and family meetings
  • Social and educational events
  • Connections to resources and academic support
  • One-on-one recovery coaching

Upcoming Badger Recovery events

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What to expect from a meeting

Badger Recovery meetings are non-clinical, peer support groups where trained student facilitators lead an open-ended, recovery-based conversation. Whether the path is abstinence or harm reduction, we welcome all. The primary purpose is to support our recovery community and empower each other to stay committed to one’s path of recovery.

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  • For individuals in or considering recovery from substance use
  • Discussions and activities focus on topics universally related to recovery

Friends & Family

  • For individuals who care about a person struggling with or in recovery from substance use
  • Discussions focus on helping students find connection and tools for increasing individual wellness


We offer consultation with incoming and current students, family and friends of students in recovery, as well as UW-Madison alumni. Individuals working with Badger Recovery have access to dedicated university staff who will support and advocate for them on their recovery journey. To connect with a staff member, email:

Families and loved ones

Disclaimer: Badger Recovery does not provide treatment. We are an additional support to a student’s personal recovery.
If you are interested in treatment or
mental health services, we can provide informative resources to support recovery. 

We join with the Association of Recovery in Higher Education Board in their statement to you:

Dear Families and Loved Ones,
By now, you know that a recovery-friendly support network is crucial in your student’s recovery. Offering the right kind of support to your student can have a tremendous impact on their lives. Finding a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) or Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) on a college campus is a big decision. The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) aims to help change the trajectory of recovery students’ lives and offers resources and information for those looking to be a part of this kind of a support system.

Badger Recovery staff is happy to assist you in learning more about collegiate recovery option and discuss our program. To speak with a staff member email, us at