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Training and Education: Faculty and Staff

Recognize, Respond, Refer: Suicide Prevention Training for Faculty and Staff is a multi-part, online program that provides information and guidance for faculty and staff around supporting mental health, intervening, and preventing suicide in UW-Madison students. This training does not offer immediate support to those in distress. Instead, it prepares faculty and staff to be better able to support students in the future. All UW-Madison faculty and staff can access this online training by joining the Canvas course 

Live (in-person or virtual) prevention trainings for groups of students are available by request. The online training (Recognize, Respond, Refer: Suicide Prevention Training for Faculty and Staff) serves as a prerequisite for customized, more advanced prevention training. Email to consult about group training offerings. 

The UW-Madison Healthy Academics Toolkit offers an interactive data visualization that allows instructors and advisors to understand the unique needs of the UW-Madison student populations whom they serve, which is in turn linked to specific strategies and resources that can be implemented to proactively support the health and well-being of students. 

The UW-Madison Employee Assistance Office offers resources for supporting faculty and staff.  

Contact Us

UHS Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention staff can be reached by email at  

Prevention staff do not provide mental health services, clinical consultation or crisis support. If you need immediate support or to speak with a provider, call (608) 265-5600, option 9.  

Make a gift to the UW-Madison Suicide Prevention Fund.