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Alicia Bosscher

Credentials: MPH, RDN, CDE

Position title: Clinical Dietician

BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MPH, The George Washington University
Portrait of Alecia Bosscher

In high school Alicia Bosscher enjoyed playing sports. Looking back now, it is easy for her to see that fueling these activities with good food was just as intriguing as the sports themselves. Moving to Madison to begin a degree in dietetics seemed like the natural choice. It was during her undergraduate years when Alicia discovered the joy of cooking and trying new foods.

Following a fulfilling and busy four years at UW-Madison, Alicia completed a dietetic internship in Colorado. During the internship she developed an interest in international nutrition and HIV/AIDS, which prompted her travel to India and Uganda in pursuit of a public health degree. After completing her graduate work in Washington D.C., family beckoned her home to Wisconsin, and she spent many years at UW Health specializing in sports nutrition, weight management and cardiology.

Alicia has been with University Health Services since 2018. She enjoys the hope and optimism that seems to pour out of college campuses, and she loves partnering with students who are looking to find balance in their eating habits amidst a busy school schedule. Alicia has learned that nutrition concerns often go beyond ‘what we eat,’ and as a result, she enjoys reading about and practicing intuitive eating, especially as a way to move towards balance or overall wellness.

Alicia still enjoys cooking (now for a family of five!) and trying new foods, and in her free time enjoys biking, running and playing ultimate Frisbee.