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Annie Bruns

Credentials: MSW, APSW

Position title: Mental Health Provider and TGD Coordinator


BA, University of Dayton
MA, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
MSW, University of Buffalo
Annie Bruns is a woman with short, curly blonde hair.

Annie Bruns joined UHS in 2022 and wanted to work in college health because this field combines Bruns’ background in sexual and reproductive justice & well-being with sexual violence work in clinical setting. Bruns enjoys working with students as they navigate how all of these factors impact their lives and the ways students move both in the world and on campus.  

Bruns is part of the LGBTQ+ community and is passionate about sharing resources and working collaboratively to ensure that students of any gender, sexuality, or ethnic background and supported and nourished as they navigate the effects of sexual violence.  

Bruns is a Brainspotting practitioner and loves to bring this modality into her work with survivors.  

In her free time, Bruns like to take lots and lots of photos, read, and hikes.