Call for Help

Wei-Chiao Hsu 徐薇喬

Credentials: PhD, LPC

Position title: Mental Health Provider, Bilingual (Mandarin/English)

BEd, National Taiwan Normal University
MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD, University of British Columbia
wei chiao hsu headshot

Wei-Chiao joined UHS in 2018, and she provides Mandarin and English counseling for students struggling with concerns related to international transitions, relationship difficulties, academic and career issues, grief and loss, and mental illness.

“I believe that as human, we are all limited in some way, but competent in other ways.  I facilitate in-depth self-exploration in the counseling process, so that students can gain a better understanding of themselves, and from there we can collaboratively identify ways to achieve their goals. My counseling approach can be described as grounded in the humanistic psychology perspective with integration of mindfulness and dialectical behavioral approach. I also use metaphors and other creative methods to facilitate counseling process.”

“My first name shares the same pronunciation as a micro-bridge in Mandarin, and it actually very nicely captures how I identify my role as a mental health provider.  I believe that counseling is a process of helping an individual to find or enhance connections with themselves, others, and their surroundings. I do not believe that individuals must deal with mental health concerns alone, and my role is to assist them to build the bridge which will lead to well-being and increased sense of connection and fulfillment.”