Call for Help

Jamie Temple

Credentials: MSCP, LCP-IT

Position title: Trauma-Informed Care and Response Manager

jamie temple headshot

The Trauma-Informed Care and Response Manager is responsible for the development, delivery, and oversight of initiatives to center trauma-informed care for students. The role fully integrates knowledge about trauma into organizational policies, procedures, and practices to improve students’ experience of services in addition to their overall well-being.

Jamie has worked on UW’s campus since 2013, first as the Rape Crisis Center’s Campus Counselor and then as the creator of UW-Madison’s Survivor Services. Utilizing her experience in advocating for equitable and inclusive support, Jamie brings with her a deep experience in building collaborative relationships with diverse groups of stakeholders to assist campus partners to achieve policies, systems, and environments that create measurable improvements where employees work through a restorative and anti-oppression framework.