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UHS continues to support TGD healthcare

University Health Services (UHS) wants you to know that we are here for you and see you. We strive to create services that align with our commitment of promoting, protecting, and restoring the health and well-being of the entire community. This is rooted in our philosophy of creating environments that are safe and allow for students to know that they belong, as they are, on and within our campus community.

We recognize that transgender and gender diverse (TGD) communities are significantly affected by health care disparities and may face difficulty accessing and receiving health care. We continue to improve efforts to advocate for health equity for all individuals who experience marginalization. Above all else, we believe:

  • You are valuable and are worthy
  • Your identities matter
  • You are an expert on your body and experiences and know what is best for you

UHS affirms gender identity as an individual’s own conception of themselves and does not define gender by the sex a patient/client was assigned at birth. We accept students wherever they are in their journey and work to support them in starting or accessing gender affirming health care

If we can support you, call UHS at 608-265-5600 to speak with a provider or visit to learn more about the Trans Health Program.