Call for Help

A message of support to the campus BIPOC community

Dear students and colleagues,

Today I’m reaching out to the entire university, and especially members of the campus community who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) to acknowledge the heaviness of the times we are in and the continued pain and frustration we collectively experience as we seek justice and an end to racism, hatred and violence.

From the East Coast to the West Coast and close to us in the Twin Cities, we face a daily onslaught of images showing clearly the disproportionate violence our BIPOC communities experience. This comes as we are already bearing the overwhelming weight of a global pandemic that has taxed us physically, emotionally and financially.

I want you to know my team and I, along with our colleagues across the university, are committed to providing support and advocating for our BIPOC community members.

I also want to encourage all of us to take good care – of ourselves as individuals and of each other. Seek support, community and action in ways that feel right. Here are several options:

As always, you have my support.

In community,

Cheryl B. Gittens, Ed.D.
Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion
Elzie Higginbottom Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer
Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement
University of Wisconsin–Madison