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Student of concern report

Day-to-day interaction with students is both a vital and essential part of being on a university campus. These interactions provide for for teachable moments and create an environment for learning that takes place both inside and beyond the classroom and may include discussions with students about appropriate behaviors on campus. Occasionally, a student’s behaviors will rise above the level of normal interactions, creating a cause for concern.

A student of concern is any student who displays behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful or disrupts the learning of others.

Examples of concerning behavior may include: 

  • Missing classes, or irregular attendance
  • Comments that are inappropriate/irrelevant to class material
  • Appearing intoxicated or smelling of alcohol
  • Appearing high or smelling of marijuana
  • Extreme changes in appearance
  • Interrupting class and/or class discussions
  • Interfering with other students’ ability to learn
  • Making threats or threatening behavior
  • Talking or writing about suicide

This is not a comprehensive list of concerning behaviors. If any behavior a student displays is of concern, reach out to the student. Starting that conversation can be difficult, but the Dean of Students Office (DoSO) provides resources to help initiate the conversation.  

If you are concerned about a student, fill out a Student of Concern Report on the DoSO website. This resource is also available to students who may be concerned about a peer.

If you are unsure about how to respond to a student, you can consult with the DoSO during drop-in hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters, or call the DoSo at 608-263-5700. 

If a student’s behavior seems unsafe, call the UW–Madison Police Department at 608-264-2677, or call 911.