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Mental Health Services Student Advisory Board


To create an organized dialogue between students and administration about mental health needs. The student advisory board (SAB) will serve as a way for students to formalize feedback and foster a relationship with Mental Health Services (MHS).

The Mental Health Services Student Advisory Board represents the voice of our student body and shares valuable perspectives that could help improve how Mental Health Services provides resources and services that are relevant to our student community. The SAB may enhance the work of MHS initiatives and supports our services through advocacy, feedback, and peer education.


• Participate in evaluating and providing feedback to improve Mental Health Services resources and services, based on the best interest of UW Madison students
• Identify initiatives that promote a healthy university community
• Engage in student advocacy to support campus mental health and wellness
• Assist Mental Health Services to reduce barriers for students in marginalized communities or with underrepresented identities
• Participate in staff interviews and selection processes when available and appropriate
• Assess emerging student issues and keep University Health Services connected to student life and campus
• Address barriers related to seeking care and provide user feedback around accessibility and ease of use
• Identify gaps and missing services
• Assist with combating mental health stigma on campus
• Participate in relevant outreach events as appropriate

Composition of Board

The Mental Health Services Student Advisory Board will consist of ten members from targeted campus groups with the goal of developing a diverse advisory board.

We strive to have a group that is representative of the UW Madison student body, so we welcome people of all ages, from all classes, graduate programs, and those who represent populations that MHS has historically had difficulty reaching, such as veterans, LGBTQ+, international students, men, and communities of color.

SAB is student-led and will report to the Outreach Coordinator Danyelle Okesanjo. Board members will elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chair every year. SAB Chair and Vice-Chair assist in recruitment (when applicable), orientation of new members and–together with SAB members and with the Outreach Coordinator and the Outreach team–will develop agenda items that will move the MHS mission and strategic plan forward.

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Meetings and Commitment

Members of the advisory board will meet monthly to assist in moving the MHS mission and strategic plan forward by providing MHS with feedback related to MHS policies, services provided, website/marketing, and engaging in any of the tasks and outlines in the duty section above. Members are expected to allocate 3 hours per month to this position. 1.5 hours for scheduled board meetings and approximately 1.5 hours for additional board duties, planning, and participating in outreach events. Meeting dates and times will be determined based on member availability.

Benefits to SAB members

SAB members gain leadership experience through implementation of duties outlined above and through collaboration with the outreach team, MHS staff, and the larger campus community.  Additionally, members will gain experience leading conversations about mental health and will provide a voice in conversations related to the direction and services of MHS. They will also have opportunities to engage with MHS and other UW Madison staff for networking purposes, mentorship, and professional development.

Requirements and Qualifications

Any person who is enrolled at UW Madison and is in good academic standing is eligible to sit on our board. Should academic standing change during the course of the SAB term, the board member will discussion options with the Outreach Director, which may also include the choice to resign from the student advisory board.

Students who are previously or currently receiving services at MHS are eligible to serve on SAB and are encouraged to apply.

Recruitment and Appointment Process

All SAB board members must formally apply. Students must complete a general application and include contact information for a reference, preferably from UW Madison staff or faculty. Applications are submitted during fall semester and reviewed by the MHS Outreach Team. Upon review, invitations will be extended for interviews.

After being selected through the application process, SAB members will start their term in the spring and serve through the fall semester of the next academic year. Appointments may be renewable dependent on satisfactory performance.


For more information about SAB, contact MHS Outreach Cordinator Danyelle Okesanjo.