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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) can be helpful for a range of conditions such as low back pain, joint and muscle injuries, and repetitive stress disorders, as well as following various  surgeries such as ACL reconstruction and shoulder surgery. 

Physical therapists are educated, licensed clinicians and movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement.  After making a diagnosis, physical therapists create personalized treatment plans that help their patients improve their movement, manage pain and other chronic conditions, and recover from and prevent injury and chronic disease and are tailored to each patient’s goals.

UHS physical therapists are faculty at the UW-Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, and specialize in orthopedics, sports, and spine PT. We do not offer wound care, women’s health, or hydrotherapy.

More information is available at, a website sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association.

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Patients may be referred to physical therapy by their UHS provider, an outside provider, or they may request an appointment without a referral. A prescription or referral is not required to see a physical therapist.


Physical therapy services are not covered by the Student Health Fee.

Initial visit: $75
Return visit: $50

For students covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), these charges are fully covered. Non–SHIP members should check with their individual health insurance to determine whether UHS physical therapy services are eligible for reimbursement. See costs & billing for more information.

No-Show/Late Cancel Fee

Physical therapy appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Students will be charged $25 if appointments are cancelled less than 48 hours in advance or if students fail to keep an appointment. If we made an error in scheduling you, or you believe you deserve special consideration for a no-show/late cancel fee, please download and complete this No-Show/Late Cancel Appeal Form (PDF) and deliver or mail it to UHS within two weeks of the missed appointment.