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Alcohol Data


AlcoholEdu is a two-part online prevention education program required for all incoming first-year and transfer students. The program asks questions to assess alcohol knowledge and skill level as well as attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors around alcohol use. Part 1 is completed before students arrive on campus. A follow-up survey—Part 2—is sent to students six weeks after arriving on campus. UW–Madison has administered AlcoholEdu since 2013.


The ACHA-NCHA is a nationally recognized research survey that provides precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. The survey was conducted at UW–Madison in spring 2015.

Color of Drinking

The Color of Drinking Survey examined the impacts of UW–Madison’s alcohol culture on undergraduate students of color. This survey is primarily aimed at studying the internal and external effects these students endured from the UW–Madison alcohol culture.

Greek Alcohol Climate Survey

The Greek Alcohol Climate Survey was developed by UHS in conjunction with UW–Madison Greek Life to measure the alcohol behaviors of UW–Madison’s Greek population, in hopes to better inform future prevention and risk management practices. The data collected from this survey will be used by UHS, the Center for Leadership and Involvement, and the four Greek Governing Councils to inform programming, policies and outreach.