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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs & Information

First-Year Students

All incoming undergraduate and transfer students are required to complete a two-part violence prevention program.

Part 1: U Got This! (online)

Part 2: GetWIse@Home (online)

ActWIse: Bystander Intervention

ActWIse is UW–Madison’s sexual and relationship violence bystander intervention program.

Graduate & Professional Students

All new graduate and professional students are required to complete an online violence prevention program.

Culture of Respect

An initiative to advance UW-Madison’s approach to addressing sexual and relationship violence through assessment and programmatic and policy changes.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff at UW–Madison have an important role in helping to foster safe and supportive campus environments.

Violence Prevention Data

Learn about data that informs our work and how we evaluate our violence prevention efforts.

What’s new at UHS Violence Prevention?

Violence Prevention Specialists Alex (they/them) and Nola (she/her) recently sat down to talk about dating, sex, and supporting survivors of violence during COVID-19. Click on the video to watch a preview of the conversation.

For more information and to watch the full video, click here.

Meet the Violence Prevention Staff

Alex Nelson

Position title: Violence Prevention Specialist

Chynna Lewis

Position title: Violence Prevention Specialist - Graduate and Professional Student Focus

Molly Zemke

Position title: Violence Prevention Manager

Nola Pastor

Position title: Violence Prevention Specialist

Nona Gronert

Position title: Violence Prevention Project Assistant