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Bystander intervention refers to a unique, accessible approach to changing the way community members understand their role in prevention. Bystander trainings work by increasing knowledge of warning signs that something is wrong, teaching realistic skills to intervene, and correcting misperceptions of social norms.

Rather than approaching women as potential victims with risk-reduction strategies or men as potential perpetrators, bystander intervention assumes that everyone has a stake in reducing sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment to make our campus safer.

Questions about ActWIse?

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Register for a 6-Hour Skills Training

There are no currently scheduled ActWIse Skills trainings. To stay informed about upcoming trainings, add your name to the email list by contacting ActWIse Coordinator Nola Pastor at

Request an ActWIse Workshop

Request a 60- or 90-minute ActWIse workshop for your campus group, department, or event by completing a Workshop Request Form. ActWIse is suitable for undergraduate students, graduate & professional students, and university staff or faculty and can be adapted for any audience.

Not sure if an ActWIse workshop fits the needs of your group? Contact ActWIse Coordinator Nola Pastor at for more information.

ActWIse for Fraternity and Sorority Life Students

Every fraternity and sorority chapter on campus is expected to host an ActWIse workshop every year for their new members. New members’ participation in ActWIse and Badgers Step Up! are both required to fulfill Greek New Member Education requirements.

If you have questions about your chapter’s ActWIse workshop, please contact your chapter or council leadership. You can also email ActWIse Coordinator Nola Pastor at