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STI testing: Find out for free

If you are sexually active, getting regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an important part of your overall health. Many STIs don’t cause any symptoms so getting tested is the only way to know. All STIs are treatable and many are curable. No-cost screening, diagnosis, and treatment for most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is available, including HIV testing and counseling.

  • All services and clinic medical records are strictly confidential.
  • Minors do not need parental consent for testing or treatment.
  • The cost of any medication prescribed is not included.

UHS offers a gonorrhea and chlamydia self-screen option for students who have concerns about their sexual health but prefer not to speak directly to a provider. Making a chlamydia self-screen appointment is simple.

STI screenings are also available at the Women’s Health Clinic, and are a routine part of each visit.

The Sexual Health Clinic does not provide contraceptive care, pregnancy screening, evaluation of erectile dysfunction, routine gynecological care, or other primary care. Students may contact the Women’s Health Clinic or the Primary Care Clinic for these concerns.