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Massage Therapy

What to expect

Students will complete a health history form and sign a consent form, stating you understand the service. The massage therapist will discuss the type of massage you want to make sure you are comfortable.

When the massage therapist leaves the room, undress to the degree of personal comfort. Some prefer to be completely undressed, while others prefer to wear their underwear or comfortable shorts and a light shirt. At all times, your privacy is respected and you are covered with a sheet or blanket.

If students are late, they may forfeit a portion of the hands-on part of the massage, which is normally 50 minutes. If a student is 15 minutes late (or more) it’s  considered a no-show. Repeated no-shows or last-minute cancellations may result in the student being denied access to massage services.

Call 608-265-5607 to schedule an appointment, or visit the 6th floor Green Clinic at 333 East Campus Mall.

Massage Therapists at UHS

Anthony Berg graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2001, and is trained in Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Hot Stone, Reiki, Hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic Treatments, and Hand and Foot Reflexology. Berg has professional experience in independent massage therapy, the spa industry, and even worked as a backup massage therapist during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Berg joined the UHS team in 2016, and is passionate about improving access to self-care and wellness based services for the student population.

Andrew Rohn graduated from the National Holistic Institute in Berkeley in 1990. He has been a licensed practitioner in Wisconsin since 2000 and is a member of Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals. His technique is focused on Swedish (long, flowing strokes) and various forms of deep tissue, especially trigger point therapy and neuro-muscular therapy, and also includes elements of Shiatsu and sports massage. He aims for both relaxation and to reduce pain and stiffness in his clients’ problem areas.