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Health Ambassadors

Health Ambassadors extend the service boundaries of University Health Services (UHS) to encompass the campus community. We are committed to promoting, protecting and restoring student (mental) health and well-being by enhancing relationships and collaborating with campus partners. Our goals are to help the campus community build capacity to address mental health concerns; to create meaningful, mutual relationships; to provide education and consultation about mental health; and to offer assistance in accessing services and resources at UHS.

Email us if you would like a health ambassador for your program or department.

Why are Health Ambassador relationships important?

  • Many students who need help may not come directly to Mental Health Services on their own, but would accept a referral from a mentor, advisor, program director, etc.
  • Health Ambassadors promote mental health
  • Health Ambassadors help to increase the campus’ capacity to manage mental health situations with more confidence and knowledge

How do Health Ambassador relationships work?

Every relationship looks different depending on the partners and clinicians involved. Here are some ways the relationship could function:

  • At least two contacts per semester (by phone, in person, or email) in order to foster a positive relationship
  • One-on-one meeting to determine unit’s needs, if indicated
  • Presentation for the campus partner on a mental health topic
  • May help respond to departmental crisis as it pertains to students
  • May attend special events held by unit/campus partner
  • May provide critical incident support
  • Provide MHS service updates throughout the semester
  • Answer questions/provide consultation