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THRIVE Workshop Series

Fall 2021 Workshop Schedule

All workshops are held 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.
Registration is required.
Please note that workshops may be recorded but participant identifying information will be hidden.
If you need an accommodation to attend a Thrive event, please contact the Outreach Team.

Tuesday, September 21

Feeling out of practice? Skills to have better conversations
It can be easy to get into a conversation rut, especially with the impact of COVID and virtual communication. Learn skills to have deeper and more meaningful conversations, tailor communication for different relationships, and respond effectively when grief and loss come up.
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Tuesday, October 5

Finding Your People
We know that it may be hard to build community whether you are new to campus or coping with social distancing. Join us for this Thrive workshop to explore ways to connect with others.
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Tuesday, October 19

Am I Just Bad at This?! How Procrastination Actually Works
Discover what drives procrastination, learn ways to shift your behavior, and get more done.
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Tuesday, November 2

Men in Conversation
Join us for a discussion about the difficulties men may encounter when talking about feelings and experiences. Learn to expand vocabulary for mental health concerns, increase awareness of signs of distress, consider relevant interpersonal dynamics, and explore the potential benefits of seeking support.
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Tuesday, November 16

Navigating Healthcare
Learn how to get insurance, use insurance, find healthcare providers, and work with those providers to get your healthcare needs met.
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Tuesday, November 30

Go the *Bleep* to Sleep
Sleep is a common concern and critical for academic performance. Get the lowdown on the impacts of poor sleep, how sleep works, and learn helpful and unhelpful coping skills for improving sleep.
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