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THRIVE Workshop Series

Spring 2022 Workshop Schedule

All workshops are held 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.
Registration is required.
Please note that workshops may be recorded but participant identifying information will be hidden.
If you need an accommodation to attend, contact the Outreach Team.


February 8 – Love beyond romantic love

Valentine’s Day puts an emphasis on romantic love, but what about other types of love? Explore with us the other forms of love and how you might use the 5 Love Languages to enhance non-romantic love in your life, including self-love, friend love, and family love.

February 22 – Navigating sexual communication

This workshop will explore consent, healthy relationships, safe sex, exploring your desires and boundaries, and sex, alcohol, and drugs. This workshop is geared toward students who are interested in learning more about sex and are looking for guidance about how to make sex a pleasurable experience for all partners.

March 8 – Am I just bad at this? How procrastination actually works?

Discover what drives procrastination, learn ways to shift your behavior, and get more done.

March 22 – This isn’t what they said college would be like…

College – the best four years of your life…Right? Learn about realistically making the best of your time in college, and how to manage when things become stressful.

April 5 – Go the *bleep* to sleep

Sleep is a common concern and critical for academic performance. Get the lowdown on the impacts of poor sleep, how sleep works, and learn helpful and unhelpful coping skills for improving sleep.

April 19 – Test anxiety

Feeling nervous about final exams? Join us to develop skills for studying effectively, managing anxiety, and strategies for approaching exams to boost your performance.