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Eating enough and giving your body the nutrients it needs can help you feel and perform your best in studies, physical activities, and daily life.

UHS Registered Dietitians are here to help you find eating strategies that work for you.  We frequently meet with students to help with general nutrition questions, food intolerances, health concerns (like high cholesterol or PCOS) and disordered eating concerns. 

Initial consultations are 45 minutes and often include assessing your current eating routines and supporting you in developing personal strategies for creating new habits and eating routines to support your personal health goals.  Our dietitians can share practical tips for grocery shopping, meal planning, and sorting fact from fiction about food and health.  

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Nutrition Tips

  1. Plan to eat balanced meals at least three times daily.  Balance means at least three different types of foods (for example bread/grain + fruit/vegetable + meat/protein-rich food)
  2. Fuel your brain by eating right away in the morning, followed by a meal or snack every three to five hours during the day
  3. Drink plenty of liquids, mostly water, and keep portions of sugary drinks small
  4. Seek out balanced options in campus dining and restaurants
  5. Grocery shop at least once a week if you are cooking for yourself
  6. Practice balance between eating for energy and eating for enjoyment


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