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UHS is still here for you, just in a different way.

Many medical, counseling, and wellness services are available by phone and accessible online. We will continue to communicate ways we are adapting our services to meet your needs.

Your feedback is very important to us. Please use our online form below to share your thoughts. Tell us how we’re doing: or email If you need immediate medical advice, call 608-265-5600. 24/7 mental health crisis support is available at 608-265-5600 (option 9).

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Mental Health Services recognize that this is a tough time for many, to hold the anxieties and stressors associated with this pandemic, while also balancing roles as students, employees, and family members. This pandemic has also highlighted existing inequities that communities of color face regarding health disparities, access to care, and systemic support. In addition to holding these stressors, we recognize the increase of incidents related to xenophobia, racism, and aggressions towards communities of color, in particular those of Asian descent. We are here to advocate for and support our students of color in managing their experiences of microaggressions, discrimination, and stigmatization. We are still here for you, just in a different way. Many medical, counseling, and wellness services are available by phone and accessible online. For mental health services there are providers within community available to meet provide individual counseling related to intersecting identity concerns, and are planning to offer identity specific virtual group supports in summer 2020. To schedule a mental health access appointment calling 608-265-2600 (option 2).

Social distancing and sheltering in place can present a variety of challenges. For our LGBTQ+ communities, those challenges can feel compounded by additional stressors, including needing to shelter in place in a non-affirming environment and difficulties accessing gender-affirming services. The following resources offer ideas and options for coping.


UHS Services:

  • Gender Identity Consultations and accessing surgery during COVID-19:
    • Students who are interested in pursuing gender affirming surgery andacquiring a letter of support can make an Access appointment online and request a Gender Identity Consultation appointment.
    • If a student is currently engaged in counseling services with a provider, they can contact their provider via SM to request a letter.
    • The ability to schedule gender-affirming surgery may be impacted by COVID-19. This is not a reflection of the importance or necessity of surgery for our students and we are happy to provide support to students via our processing spaces, in individual counseling, and group counseling.
    • Students can request letters before scheduling a surgery consultation (and in some cases are required to), so please do not hesitate to ask for letters when waiting for surgeons to resume their usual services.
  • HRT during COVID-19:
    • Students interested in starting HRT can web-book a trans health appointment.
      • This will be a telehealth appointment with a member of the Trans Health Team, during which you can discuss medical goals, informed consent, and ask any questions you have. If labs are needed, your provider will discuss with you whether to complete those labs on-site at UHS or local to you.
    • Students interested in continuing HRT and/or discussing changes in HRT (e.g. dosage, administration, etc.) can also web-book a telehealth trans health appointment.
    • Injection instruction may also be provided via telehealth, as needed. Please call UHS at (608) 265-5600 to request this.