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THRIVE Workshop Series

Thrive Workshops will be virtual for the Fall 2020 semester.

All workshops are held Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7 p.m. via WebEx and will be recorded for future use.


Sept 29 Surviving the Armageddon: A Mental Health Toolkit Our lives have changed so much since the pandemic. This workshop is designed to help find ways to take care of yourself during times of upheaval and uncertainty.
Oct 6 Caring for yourself as a radical Act: Self-care as Social Justice Have you been feeling that your social justice work is coming at the expense of your self-care? Learn how to do social justice work and self care at the same time.
Oct 13 Weathering the Storm Together: Relationships During COVID Description coming soon!
Oct 20 Am I Just Unmotivated? Or is it Depression? Just because you’re feeling unmotivated one day to get out of bed, study, or even go to class, doesn’t mean you’re depressed. It also doesn’t mean you’re not, though. How can you tell the difference?
Oct 27 Am I Just Bad at This?!: How Procrastination Actually Works Discover what drives procrastination, learn ways to shift your behavior, and get more done.
Nov 10 How to Find Your People Description coming soon!
Nov 17 “You Good?” Talking about men’s mental health Description coming soon!
Dec 1 Living with uncertainty Description coming soon!